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Boxhead Productions goal is to create and promote games for wellness. We all know games can be fun but do they have the capacity to provide more than this? Whether it is for physical rehabilitation, education or mental wellness Boxhead Productions aims to provide robust serious games and applications to its clients.


Boxhead Productions is a South Australian small business currently working with local clients to provide serious game solutions to our community members. In our spare time we also make our own games as well!


Boxhead Productions is currently a one man team run by Scott who has recently graduated with a Bachelor of IT (Digital Media) (Honours) at Flinders University South Australia. His online hobbies include programming, competitive multiplayer gaming (and spectating) and most recently blogging.


I had a long term dream to make games not only a hobby but a part of my day-to-day life. After 4 years of study that dream is now becoming a reality. But more than that I hope I can expose more people to games and give them meaningful play experiences that help enrich their lives.

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