Animal Snap Is Released!



What a crazy, exciting and busy year 2015 was! The last month of the year after my graduation was dedicated to making my first mobile game. The first month of this year was dedicated to navigating the maze of steps, procedures and policy involved with testing and deploying an application to mobile stores. This was my first time deploying to iOS as well so that made it even harder than it needed to be.

Regardless the time has come for me to put my hard work out into the world and hope that it gets a good reception. My game is called Animal Snap and it available on iOS and Android. You can find the game description below as well as links to both stores.

iOS App Store:

Google Play Store:

This game idea really evolved out of my studies and my passion for education based serious games. I hope I can continue to merge the skills taken from my studies with the continued release of games onto mobile app stores!

Let me know what you think and thanks for stopping by.