Animal Snap Presskit


Fact Sheet

Developer: Boxhead Productions
Release Date: February 2016
Platforms: Android
Price: Free
Privacy Policy: Android Privacy Policy 




Animal Snap is an educational game that teaches young children about colours and animals. With consideration for older gamers that may suffer from learning or intellectual disabilities Animal Snap has the ability to appeal to a wide audience.

Use the front facing camera of your device to navigate your environment looking for colours to fill in all those crazy animal silhouettes! With two unique game modes play for fun or the challenge in either our Free Play or Time Attack modes.


Starting as an idea for my studies in the area of serious games for mental health Animal Snap as a concept was originally used for its mindfulness properties. Mindfulness is currently very popular not only in dealing with mental health issues but for general health and well-being as can be seen with the recent explosion of adult colouring books and mandalas. As the idea that received the most feedback for its unique game play mechanics and ability to get the gamer moving the idea was taken and expanded upon and made into Animal Snap.


  • Unique gameplay that utilizes the device’s forward facing camera
  • Requires players to get off the couch and explore their surroundings
  • Promotes positive game play experiences with positive reinforcement
  • Utilizes simple controls
  • Provides differing degree of difficulty based on game modes
  • Suitable for all ages


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