I’ll be at AVCon!



With just under a week to go I thought I would let everyone know that I will be attending AVCon this year in the Indie Games Room (IGR). It is my first time exhibiting at the event and showing some of the games I have made as a student to the public. I’ll be sharing two games with everyone over the weekend and I’m both excited and nervous to hear all of the feedback I will get about the games.


Squaretris is a game designed for medical rehabilitation which helps acute post stroke victims regain physical function of their effected side, all while having fun playing a video game! Pretty cool eh? This game was developed for a special limited input device known as Orby and the games will be playable on that device at IGR.


Monochromia is a 2D scrolling combat platformer which was developed by a team of four students for our Computer Game Development topic last year. It is something we are looking to get feed back on so that we can restart development with the knowledge we have learned and make a stronger more comprehensive game that can hopefully be commercially released.

If you know me personally, are sort of interested in games or just want an excuse to chat to a stranger come over and say hi and ask me about these games. I’d be more than happy to show them to new people. If you would like to see any of the other games that will be at IGR or simply see a snippet of my game in featured in the IGR trailer for this year then check out the video below!



Scott is a Bachelor of IT (Digital Media)(Honours) student currently studying at Flinders University Adelaide.