Unity Editor Extension: Remove Projects From Project Wizard

The problem about learning to code is that when you come across something that you don’t like instead of just dealing with it you tend to waste ages working out a way to solve the problem in the long term despite it really only being a short term issue.

Unsurprisingly this happened to me this weekend, after spending time working on university study and doing some general housekeeping I both noticed, and then immediately got frustrated with, Unity 5’s project wizard. I love the layout and design but there is no option, by default anyway, to remove any previous projects from that list. As I’ve been hopping around between projects, upgrading projects, making test projects for other things I found my list was getting long. Looking around on Google it seemed that there was no good way to remove these items, in Windows it had to be done via the registry and I couldn’t find a solution for Mac (not that I looked hard because I never develop on one).

To alleviate this problem I have since made a Unity Editor Extension that will safely remove these projects for you. I’ve tested the extension on both my Windows machines as well as the older Mac I own and it is functional on both.

To use the package:

  1. download it from HERE and unzip the file.
  2. Open Unity and import the .unitypackage file you extracted from the zip.
    NOTE: Windows Users WILL NOT need the PlistCS folder this is only required on Mac Editors.
  3. Find the new Menu Item under Edit -> Remove Projects From Wizard (it will be right down the bottom.)
  4. A new window will open that shows all fully qualified paths to each project in your wizard, clicking the button under any of the items will remove the project from the wizard.
    To be clear it WILL NOT delete the project just remove it from the list in the wizard, rest assured, I’ve tested it!
  5. Close the window. Next time you open Unity or want to swap projects those pesky old ones will be gone!

I am in the process of uploading this to the asset store so that it is easier to get to and install. The process will take a little while as I have to get some images for the submission which I am not currently able to do so I’ll post an update once that has been completed. I guess that is enough procrastination for one day, back to studying I go.

Scott is a Bachelor of IT (Digital Media)(Honours) student currently studying at Flinders University Adelaide.